Škraping is a unique international trekking race on sharp island rocks and belongs to the kind of extreme sports. It’s held each year on the island of Pašman in March. At the start of the race competitors get map of the island showing the checkpoints which they must pass as soon as possible. During the race competitors pass control points near attractive locations of the island of Pašman. Except sports, Škraping also has tourism character in terms of learning the content of the island.

The race is divided into four categories:
• Ultra – for experienced athletes (approximately 45 km)
• Challenger  – for recreational athletes who are willing to test their physical abilities (approximately 25 km)
• Active – for all who want clean air, beautiful nature, crystal clear sea and magnificent view on the Kornati archipelago (approximately 12 km)
• Light (family) – for all who plan to spend Scraping in socializing and a pleasant walk in nature (approximately 6 km)

After the race the dinner is prepared for the competitors together with an entertainment program in which the winners are announced and prizes are awarded.

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