Knightly Days in Vrana


During the “Knightly Days in Vrana”, a historical spectacle that takes place the last weekend in August, there are re-enactments of scenes from times long past. Before you there will be a medieval camp, knight tournaments, old crafts, plays, knights-horsemen from all over Croatia and abroad, falcon trainers, commoners, jugglers and the poor… picturesque folk costumes, uniforms, war devices, and add to this a rich a culinary offer based on medieval recipes. You will be awed by everything you see, but when you are offered fruits of the land from the Vrana fields you will not know where the true throne of pleasure resides: in your eyes or on your taste buds.

Right next to Han Jusufpaše Maškovića, the last Turkish fortress on the edge of western civilisation, a historical spectacle will take you back to the time of great battles, and if you close your eyes for a moment, it will seem as if you are part of the heroic army, a protruding bulwark before the Turkish onslaught, the grand Vrana priors Ivan Paližna and Petar Berislavić.

This event revives the memory of the medieval history of Vrana and the Templars, the rich and influential monastic-knightly order present in Vrana at that time. Historical stories, chivalrous virtue and the skill of fencing are presented by members of the Vrana Knights Association in a stage presentation of the Turkish attack on Pakoštane and the final showdown on Vrana. The popularity of this event is spreading across regional borders. Every year, more and more associations and organizations from the rest of Croatia join it. In Vrana, fairy-tale paintings and stories of the Middle Ages, horsemen, lonely night riders, fairy dances are presented. This event also includes the Maškovića Han, whose walls become part of the stage, and the space around the inn is filled with ethnological and gastronomic offerings.

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