Modric cave


Modric cave is situated in small place Rovanjska (60 km west from Pakoštane).  In the cave you will spend two unforgettable hours. Modric Cave with its 836m will let you through all labyrinths and narrow passages to the magificent halls where curious and may be unexpected hosts await you: pipe organs, cuttlefishes, crabs, fairytale figures. The cave is completely decorated with speleo themes after just a few smaller but short passages you will be in spacey and high chambers. The temperature all over the year is 17-18 °C. Due to specific micro-environmental conditions visits to Modric Cave are possible only in a smaller groups escorted by knowledgeable guides and speleologists providing hands on experience to the visitors. Excursions are available all year round.

Group: 2-21 persons


Modric Cave…………..180,00 HRK

Price includes:                                                                                                              

  • Guide
  • The necessary equipment (helmet, wetsuit)
  • Insurance


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