Kornati National Park


Every day we take you on a day trip to the world-famous archipelago of the National Park Kornati, on boats of different types and sizes. This array of islands, like a pearl necklace, makes a group of 141 islands, islets and reefs.

The excursion starts in Pakoštane in the morning, sailing near the island Vrgad near the tuna farm. After 45 minutes drive we arrive at the southern entrance to the National Park Kornati-“Punta Opata”. The largest island in the archipelago is Kornat, Local people from island Murter is the owner of island. The specificity of the island itself is the kilometer pastures that intertwine the drywall.

Sightseeing of the park continues with the open sea cruise along the Kornati crown, beautiful cliffs of various shapes stretching up to 80 meters in height. The cliffs are steeply cut off the coastline of the island towards the open sea.

After visit to the southern part of the park, we stop for 3 hours on the island of Panituli where is a restaurant where you will enjoy a rich lunch. After lunch you will be time to bathe in the beautiful, clean, stunning blue sea and enjoy the sun. We also recommend walking to the top of the cliff, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the open sea and islands of the Kornati archipelago.

When returning we will tour the northern part of the park, where you will see the Church of Our Lady of Tarac.

The northwestern edge of the National Park Kornati boasts the Lighthouse Sestrica Vela, a lighthouse that has a very important strategic importance.

Passing through the Vela provers, the northern door of the Kornati we will leave Kornati.Vela proversa is the place where are connect National Park Kornati and the Nature Park Telascica  We will continue sailing with the Pašman archipelag and return in pakoštane at 5 p.m.


Kornati National Park………………………..350,00 kn                                                                                                                                                                                *Children 0-6 years: 180,00 kn

Price includes:

  • tour guide
  • boat ride
  • ticket to the Kornati National  Park
  • lunch (meat and fish from the grill, potato, salad and drink (water, mineral water, vine and juice)).


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