Hiking in the land of Zrmanja


Our most popular route is the Kuda Bridge hiking tour. The hiking trail begins in the village of Ravni Golubić, from where the trail leads us through Vratolom ridge to the mouth of the Krupa and into the Zrmanja, with wonderful views of the Krupa waterfalls under Babin Grad. The trail then leads further up the River Krupa.

Immediately in front of Kuda Bridge, the trail ascends to the edge of the canyon with a wonderful view of particular sections of Krupa canyon from a 150-meter high rock vertically ascending from the river. The Kuda Bridge is the only place where you can cross on the left side of the Krupa. This old bridge is a zero-category historical monument woven from 13 arches masterfully formed from travertine rock.

As part of the Kuda Bridge hiking tour, we definitely recommend a visit to the Krupa monastery that is situated near the spring of the River Krupa, and was built in 1317. In the monastery visitors can see the museum with a large collection of icons, books and other valuables.


Hiking in the land of Zrmanja………….15,00 € (min. 10 pax)

* If necessary we organize transfer to vilage Ravni Golubić


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