Trip to island Vrgada


You will sail with us on a half-day trip to the island Vrgada, one of the most interesting and the most peaceful island entire archipelago, near Pakostane.With clear water and shallow coastline, Vrgada has beautiful environment like never our island in the Adriatic. Around the island Vrgada have 15 small and large islands that you will see in the navigation.

Vrgada in the past had a prominent historical and strategic importance, and is inhabited since the 10th century, at that time the rest of the Adriatic islands were deserted and uninhabited. Vrgada the whole in a pine forest on the north side stretches a long sandy beach of red sand that is an oasis to enjoy the sun and sea. You can walk through the village, enjoy the narrow cobbled streets and unique sense of distance from civilization – no cars nor the usual summer crowds. After a short walk you will reach the top of the island where is located the parish church of the Holy Trinity and from there extends the beautiful view on the islands of the Kornati archipelago and Pasman.

When you stepping on the island Vrgada you’ll have the feeling that time has stopped.

Price on request!

Price includes:                                                                                                                                                     

  • welcome drink
  • the ship ride
  • a licensed tour guide
  • lunch


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