Pakoštane Trail


If you fantasized about a trail with a perfect base along with an attractive landscape, then Pakoštane Trail is the story for you. Bite into the sweet-salty adventure which, other than lots of beautiful trails and even more beautiful views of the Kornati islands and Vransko Lake, is full of domestic atmosphere, exceptional festivals and amazing Pakoštane delicacies.


Enjoy a trail which would, if possible, go along the seacoast which is sprinkled with small islands, and then to take you through a pine forest and even if you want a view of the islands of the Kornati Archipelago, you don’t have to think about going off to some exotic country, come to Pakoštane! It is a place known for good food, excellent festivals, singing groups, domestic atmosphere and especially hospitable hosts. So, after the race, enjoy the Pakoštane delicacies and festivals. The category Blue 10km is anticipated for all those wanted to run or walk. The flexible limit will allow enjoyment in the trails of Pakoštane for all groups of visitors: recreationalists, amateurs or professionals.


Category Green covers the “highlights” of Pakoštane and its surroundings. Waiting for you will be a large number of beautiful trails that pass along the seacoast and pine forests with a view of the islands of the Kornati Archipelago and small islands located directly along the cost of Pakoštane. The race becomes a real sweet-salty adventure when going up to the Čelinka gazebo which offers a view of Pakoštane, Drage, Vrana, the coast and islands, and from the other side, a view of Vransko Lake. The GREEN category is for recreationalists, amateurs and professions.

The sweet-salty adventure at the end of the race is followed by the unforgettable tastes of Mediterranean delicacies that are prepared by the locals of Pakoštane who are known for their good food, excellent festivals, singing groups and domestic atmosphere. So, after the race, enjoy everything that Pakoštane and its surroundings have to offer.

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