Ecological winery Škaulj


Ecological winery Škaulj is located in the heart of Ravni kotari, more precisely in Nadin. Šime Škaulj is a regular winner of numerous awards for product quality and his wines are recognized and awarded by leading Croatian oenologists. The vineyard is cultivated according to the strictest norms of organic production, which means that each bottle of wine bears an eco-label. The first top wine in Zadar County comes from this winery. The crown of the effort and work of this famous winemaker is the silver medal won at the Decanter event, London Wine Fair 2012. The greatest recognition for this winery was certainly the honor of hosting the Swedish royal couple, King Gustav XVI and Queen Sylvia.

Their offer includes: high quality Merlot wines, Cabernet Sauvignon and Dessert Merlot wine, quality white wine Maraština and quality wines Tomislav Cuvee and Syrah that can be tasted in the tasting facility within the winery.

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